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Karriem K. Kanston calls himself The Encourager because he inspires and motivates people in their life, career, and business. He just doesn’t talk about changing the world, he does it. A motivational speaker, consultant, author, entrepreneur, advocate for underrepresented businesses, and a valuable asset to organizations. He is the owner of Kanston Development a management consulting firm that focuses on the areas of business growth, leadership, and economic development.

He was on the startup team for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program at CCRI. He served as the Director of Program Delivery and Lead Faculty. He was on the faculty for CVS Health Executive Learning Series for Diverse Suppliers in which he assisted businesses to become contractors with the company. He is an Army Veteran who has a vast array of experiences and has worked in education, retail, and the financial industries.


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Encouraging from the Top

Leadership is not just about the position, it is about positively influencing people to draw the best out of them

Encouraging from the Middle

Leaders stuck in the middle often have the hardest jobs because they have to lead down and lead up

Encouraging from the Bottom

Leaders at the bottom feel they will never grow because someone else is always in the way. Find your wings and fly to your next level.


Growing Up Mental is a story told from a son’s point of view of growing up with two parents who struggled with mental illness. This book should help those who know someone that struggles with mental illness and those families and friends that were impacted by this journey; you are not alone. Sometimes your tragedy turns into your triumph.


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